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Online pharmaceutical chemistry courses can help your law career

Enhance Your Law Career Online

The University of Florida’s pharmaceutical chemistry graduate program offers online courses tailored for working professionals.

Knowing the basics of pharmaceutical chemistry can help your law career in the pharmaceutical industry. These convenient courses allow you to learn on your own time through interactive online modules, with no commitment to a degree program.

Increase your employment opportunities and broaden your knowledge base with online pharmaceutical chemistry courses. The deadline to apply for courses starting in Fall 2015 is August 17— apply now!

Courses available this fall include:

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Develop a strong foundation of enzymology and mechanisms of drug biotransformation pathways. Interactive modules and online discussions combine current news events, scientific publications, and more to teach about drug metabolism, toxicology, and biochemistry.

Introduction to Medical Bioethics: Reap the benefits of an intensive review of bioethics in areas of medical practice and research. Learn about the many complex biomedical ethics issues facing our world.

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