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Drug Development Strategies

PHA 6935 Drug Development Strategies

Credits: 3


This course provides a strong conceptual foundation of the diverse molecular and cellular processes involved in cancer development and the multiple strategies to fight the disease. The focus of the course will be on colon cancer development. Students will acquire an understanding of how to analyze high throughput data (related to colon cancer patients), and how to use the derived information to plan and carry out a project in applied research and product development in the field of anti-cancer drug development. Students are expected to present a strategy to design and test a potential anti-cancer lead in the pre-clinical phase and will complete their studies by investigating the patent opportunities of the drug discovery strategy, by writing a concise business plan in which a drug development strategy until entering the clinical phase is presented.

Note: Students are required to immerse themselves in self-study related to statistics, cancer pathology, and target identification. This is not a foundational course. This course is advanced and requires consistent work to meet assignment and milestone deadlines. It is essential that students communicate with faculty throughout the semester.

This is a Hogeschool van Arnhem in Nijmegen (HAN) course, taught by HAN faculty and instructors as part of a collaborative venture between the University of Florida and HAN University, the Netherlands.


PHA 6432 Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Strong foundation in statistics & knowledge of Microsoft Excel are encouraged


Module Topic
Module 1 The Cell Biology of Cancer
Module 2 Bioinformatics, Analysis and Statistics of High Throughput Analysis
Module 3 The Drug Discovery, Development, and Delivery Strategy
Module 4 Setting up your Business plan

Recommended Materials

There is no single recommended text for this course. Helpful textbooks include:

Molecular Biology of the Cell Authors: Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, David Morgan, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, Peter Walter
Publisher: Garland Science; 6th edition (2014); 4th edition is available online for free via PubMed:
ISBN: 978-0815344322

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