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Pharmaceutical Science Degree Programs

Why take UF’s master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration in pharmaceutical chemistry?

  • Earn a world-class online degree from the highly renowned University of Florida
  • Pursue a pharmaceutical career in an expanding industry
  • Work in an innovative field discovering new cures and remedies
  • Continue working while pursing convenient graduate education and enhanced career opportunities
  • Gain international insights into medicinal chemistry and pharmacology from professors and peers
  • Create flexible course schedules
  • Study under highly engaging and responsive professors and staff
  • Complete coursework online
  • Network worldwide to build career opportunities and relationships

Who should sign up for this degree program?

The MS in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration in pharmaceutical chemistry provides students with a strong foundation in analytical techniques, pharmacology, metabolism, QA/QC, and drug chemistry. This program, offered by the College of Pharmacy, may be of interest to those who currently work or who would like to work in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Drug regulation agencies
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Hospital and clinical laboratories

This program will also be of interest to chemistry majors who wish to obtain graduate-level training in pharmaceutical sciences with the intent of later entering the pharmaceutical industry. These programs provide a mechanism for students worldwide to take graduate coursework specifically tailored to their pharmaceutical career aspirations.

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