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“I pursued my love of science in undergraduate school by studying combined sciences with a pre-medical focus at Youngstown State University. I also decided to obtain a business education at Case Western Reserve University and enrolled in their MBA program. I quickly realized that I had a keen interest in research and laboratory work and set my career in that direction. I have always had a fascination with skin care, which led me to develop a product that helped alleviate my
daughter’s chronic eczema.


I became fascinated by the world of pharmaceutical development and how a theoretical understanding of medicinal herbs and drug discovery could enhance my product development. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and dog owner, I wanted a tailored and specific program. One that would allow me to learn from anywhere, whenever I could and as often as I needed, without the limitation of a physical facility and “set in stone” classroom times. Luckily for me, I found the University of Florida’s Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program. Upon logging in on the first day of classes and reviewing the materials, I realized that it would require effort, time and attention. Online programs require self discipline and a self-starter attitude.


They are designed for busy executives like me, and they are jam packed with opportunity. The biggest bonus of the program is the expertise I have gathered through my coursework. And, thanks to Dr. Grundmann’s Natural Medicinal Products class, I feel even more confident in my product and its soothing properties. Thank you UF for bringing your knowledgebase to my doorstep. It has kick-started my career, brought much knowledge to my company and any future products that I will develop. I am looking forward to more semesters with UF online.”


Diane Zolke
Founder and President, Trinity of Youth

steven-mcrae“I graduated from the University of Florida in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and microbiology. Soon afterwards, I joined the college of medicine at UF and have been working in the department of Nephrology ever since. My main research focus has been in the areas of endocrine imbalance and signal transduction involved in metabolic syndrome, and the characterization of esterases involved in biotransformation. I have always been interested in organic chemistry, and due to workplace collaborations, I got to delve into the field of pharmaceutical chemistry in the lab. I really enjoyed the research, however I had no formal training in the area. So upon learning of the pharmaceutical chemistry masters program at UF, I knew I had to join.


I feel my time in the program was truly well spent. The classes were very thorough, and remained interesting and relevant to me due to all the biomedical aspects tied into the material. At first I was a little worried that this type of material might be difficult to digest without face to face interaction. However, the classes were well structured, following a logical progression throughout, and the professors were very effective in helping me to understand the most difficult material. Most importantly, after completing the masters I know that I received a solid education in the field.


This program allowed me to gain real world experience in the lab while gaining the technical knowledge on my own time. This was very important to me to help determine if pharmaceutical chemistry was something that I could do for the rest of my life. As a testament to my experience in this program, upon graduating, I will be continuing my education at the University of Illinois at Chicago in a medicinal chemistry PhD program.”

Steven McRae
First Graduate of UF PharmChem MS Program

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