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PHA 6354 Natural Medicinal Products
PHA 6357 Herbal & Dietary Supplements
PHA 6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2
PHA 6425 Drug Biotransformation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity
PHA 6432 Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHA 6444 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1
PHA 6471 Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
PHA 6535 Principles of Nucleotide Activity
PHA 6543 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
PHA 6935 Metabolic Biochemistry
PHA 6935 Organic Structure Elucidation
PHA 6935 Drug Development Strategies
PHA 6935 Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery
PHA 6936 Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (final exam using ProctorU)
VME 6650 Principles of Mammalian Pharmacology
VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC

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