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PHA 6354 Natural Medicinal Products
PHA 6357 Herbal & Dietary Supplements*
PHA 6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2
PHA 6425 Drug Biotransformation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity
PHA 6432 Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHA 6444 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1
PHA 6471 Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
PHA 6535 Principles of Nucleotide Activity
PHA 6543 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2*
PHA 6563 Pathophysiology of Disease I
PHA 6935 Metabolic Biochemistry
PHA 6935 Drug Development Strategies
PHA 6935 Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery
PHA 6935 Principles of Drug Action & Development I
PHA 6935 Principles of Drug Action & Development II
PHA 6936 Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (final exam using ProctorU)
VME 6650 Principles of Mammalian Pharmacology
VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC

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